We use a car battery for electricity | Cambodia

Audio recording by Sothea

Hi, my name is Sothea and I come from a countryside in the middle part of Cambodia. I always thought life back home is mundane and simple until I come to UWC and share my experiences with people from different part of the world. A lot of people here comes from the city or a more populated area and they don’t really know what life is like in the countryside.

In my village, people have a more primitive lifestyle because we are quite far from the closest city, which is about 30 minutes away.We still cook using fire using wood and I usually go out and catch fish or hunt birds for fun with other kids or for food. My family has a small field and we plant rice every year to eat. We also have to cows that we raise and use for plowing the field.

I remember when I was much younger, our village didn’t have electricity. We use a car battery for light and a black and white TV, which is one of the few in the village. Our TV only have two channels and a lot of people would come watch it. When the battery runs out we have to take it to shop to recharge it and most of the time I have to use candle or lantern light to do my homework. The village at night was very dark and people went to sleep very early and wake up by the sound of the roosters.

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