We are limitless | Philippines

Audio recording by Anna

Hi. I’m Anna Angelica Nalus, a current senior student from the Philippines and will share my experience to all of you. At my young age, I’m a life survivor. I came from a poor family that we cannot sustain our basic needs. We only have our mother to provide for us because our father died early. Going to school is a challenge everyday although it is a public school because you have no money with you or food that you can bring, a kilometer walk from your home to school and your classmates teases you because of your trashy appearance. I endure all of it just to graduate primary education. I can endure more of it, but my family lose hope to bring me to school because we have no money. I have to stop to go to school. But that didn’t let my hope fall, I’d search for a job and luckilly accepted. I am a student at the morning and a fastfood crew at night. I help my mom with our needs today and also near to become a college student. Even though I’m busy with my job, I still manage to become active at school and receive awards. I’m working hard to fulfill my dreams for me and my family. I know I’m not the only one who experiences such hardships. So I’m using this opportunity to tell my fellow teens and other listeners not to give up on life. Endure. We are limitless.

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