the USA is being ran by the most irresponsible person | U.S.

Audio recording by Indira

Hello, my name is Indira Monroe, I am a junior in high school preparing for my senior year. I am 17 years old, I’m the oldest out of three girls. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I am African American. Living in Philadelphia is hard, many kids my age are being murdered from senseless acts of violence and it breaks my heart everyday I’ve lost many friends and relatives, I wish I could fix it and help encourage others that there’re better ways to solve problematic situations. Many days I fear for my life not just only in my community but in the world also the USA is being ran by the most irresponsible person. Every day I hear airplanes I pray that we aren’t under attack, I hate it, I hate fearing for the lives of millions because of one bad person. Lots of things make me who I am, I’m an outgoing person, I love to play volleyball, saxophone, clarinet and trumpet, being outdoors and being happy is just what keeps me going. I try to set a good example for my two younger sisters, I do volunteer work and partake in many academic activities, soon I will be a first-generation college student and I want my sister to have a better life than my parents. I live in a single parent household, so I see my mother struggle to feed us and provide for us, she works so hard to give us the best life possible and one day I want to give it all back and repay her for all she’s done. 

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