The only thing that we can truly call eternal and immortal is the time | Moldova/Romania

Audio recording by Berlinschi

​If anyone would ask me who I am, first of all, I would present myself, I could nominate maybe my age, origin, or any other aspect that is part of my life. So, I’m Berlinschi Amalia,12th grade, original from Moldova, and now you’re wondering where this is … My secret. Many things have happened lately, but the most interesting thing was, perhaps, to find my hope of living in my soulmate.


I hope you did not get bored because I did. These integrate are very exhausting, and unique … Like humans. But I’m not here to talk about what I do, but … How do you do, I hope you have not yet died of boredom. People, I was talking with a colleague and a close friend, and I had a more profound discussion, the deep-natured kind when you want to sharpen and analyze, that kind of deep when a word can hurt, it can hurt you. However, the next day I heard him say”Our existence on earth is useless, time does not exist, we do not exist.” To this day no one has given a clear definition of time, the visions of these people being when and how much more similar. A simpler and mathematical description of this notion, written by me, is: “Time is an option to define a certain period, the limits of which extend from      -infinite to +infinite.” The only thing that we can truly call eternal and immortal is the time. It is unchanged, composed of past, present, and future. It will not die, even if the planet will commit suicide. I cannot imagine a life without friends, be they imaginary or real, or even real imaginary aliens. I do not care what you have in the closet next to your pillow, even if it’s a minimalist Narnia, I do not care, but I care about the people around me. At one point, in life, we wake up saying,” my life is devastating.” Or even more often “They broke my life.” Well, you know the first option is more correct, because after all, you make the final decisions, and if you think, again, that all people are oh, so against you…Well, think about some more. And again, I would like to approach a lot of themes, but “I do not have time. “

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