Teenagers Responsibilities and Hard Decision Making | Philippines

Audio recording by John

Teenagers nowadays are being irresponsible and carelessness to the things that should be done. Because teenagers have this huge responsibilities and hard decision making because they’re starting to grow as an adult, so we need to be responsible and matured so that we as a citizen of our country, we can be successful and can help to those people are suffering to a certain type of problems to their lives.

As a teenager, I always have a hard decision making in my entire life. Especially inside of our school and inside of our house, I have a lot of things to do but its okay because its my responsibilities as a student and as a son of our family.

I always experienced that you have a certain situation that you will just pick 2 choices its either go or not, yes or no, or do or don’t. In that point, I have a hard decision making in that certain situation that should be done in right and just.

We all have a certain decision that we thinking its fair, but the others think it’s not. We have responsibilities to do certain things, but we always have a hard decision that will make it more than difficult to say its “Responsibilities as a Teenagers”.

We need to be more than careful on our decisions in life because every decision has a circumstance that will totally challenge you to be more Responsible to your actions. Make your Present great. Make your Past a lesson. and Make your future success.

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