Teenagers are reckless and carefree | Philippines

Audio recording by Grace

I’m Grace Regalario from Philippines and I do hope that you’re all doing okay today. I am a grade 12 student and I’m one of the pioneer graduates of k-12 curriculum. As a teenager, I am often called as reckless and carefree and I’d like to share my thoughts about it.

Adolescence, as we all know is the age of transition, rapid adjustment in life and changes in physical appearance starts to show. We start to see the world in a new perspective. We began to realize the importance and the heaviness of our decision and we start to weigh the consequences of our actions. This is the stage where we must learn what is wrong and right thing to do for ourselves. We often carry the label “carefree.” Let me start from that, I think, the world of a teenager is divided into three which are, ourselves, family and peers. A teenager like me often asks these questions to myself “who am I?” or “what will my future be like?” We explore our capacity and skills. We are risk takers because we are young and we feel invincible and that maybe the reason why we are called reckless. This is our time for building self-direction, initiative, a sense of responsibility and boosting our confidence. It is a long period of finding what we want and who we are. Our family have a great impact in our actions. They are the first people we interact with. The common complaint of parents is that we don’t practice traditional values but the truth is that we are caught in the conflict between old and new generations. Our parents should try to understand our behaviour and as a teenager we should also understand that our parents grew up with different values and perspective and we should respect them. As we enter the stage of adolescence we all need companion. We have our own group friends and we start to seek for belongingness. We start to do what are other friends do, we are pressured to be a part something and as a result we might end up making the wrong decisions but it is okay because it is part of growing and you must learn from it.

We might be a bunch of crazy, reckless and carefree teenagers but you need to know that we are all worried about our future and while other teenagers are busy having fun, there are some who wants to contribute in helping their community and contribute in making our world a better place to live.

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