I can tell you that Sweden is now facing some really serious problem | Sweden

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Sweden, as we all know, is a high welfare and high technology country. But me as a real Swedish guy can tell you that Sweden is now facing some really serious problem. One of the most serious problem is that Sweden has met a quite severe economic crisis. In Sweden, the richer you are, the more tax you need to pay, and those money from the tax mostly go to the poor in the form of welfare. However, since the coming of refugees, the balance between money get from taxes and the money send out for welfare has been broken. In order to keep the balance, the government increases the taxes and decreases the funding used on public construction. As […]

The two different nationalities of mine often allow me to step out of [my own kind] and to think differently | U.S./China

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I’m Michael Jiang, a teenage boy grown up in China, I was born in Cleveland Ohio, soon my family moved to San Diego, California. When I was four, we moved back to, and stayed in China. This made me an American boy grown up in America and China. Until now, I still have both Chinese and American as my nationalities (I have to choose one when I’m 18). The two different nationalities of mine often allow me to step out of [my own kind] and to think differently. This, somehow, sometimes makes me feel outcast, confusing about what exactly is [my own kind]. When I was twelve, I started to listen to the folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel. They […]

how is it possible that the 37% of us forgot what happened just 80 years ago? | Italy

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Hello guys,I am Lorenzo, from Italy. I come from a small region in the North East of my country. It is called Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is a good place to live in:life and education are good, and people are clever and hard working. However, I feel that open-mindedness sometimes lacks. The odd thing is that we are geographically located at the crossroad of North and East of Europe, completely different cultures. I believe that this impression of mine found a confirmation in the result of the election that we had on the 4th of March. The right-wing group received the majority of the votes, the 37%. I know that our country is having serious problems with immigration and economics, […]

We use a car battery for electricity | Cambodia

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Hi, my name is Sothea and I come from a countryside in the middle part of Cambodia. I always thought life back home is mundane and simple until I come to UWC and share my experiences with people from different part of the world. A lot of people here comes from the city or a more populated area and they don’t really know what life is like in the countryside. In my village, people have a more primitive lifestyle because we are quite far from the closest city, which is about 30 minutes away.We still cook using fire using wood and I usually go out and catch fish or hunt birds for fun with other kids or for food. My […]

About Project urVoice

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Project urVoice, or your voice, is a project founded by a high school student in China. We have seen that teenagers today have really diverse backgrounds, unique ideas and unparralled opinions, but few — not even ourselves — ackknowledge this. So in order to promote mutual understanding, we decided to create this platform. We welcome every teenager — middle school or high school students — to share what’s unique with them, and we make sure we spread those to more people.