People have stereotypes that nobody can change | India

Audio recording by Nikita

Hey this is Nikita Sharma. I am 18 years old student from Delhi. I found urVoice speakers to be an amazing idea to get people connected with each other. Opinions does matter no matter where they are coming from and I feel to share some too. I was just thinking about is, people here have stereotype thinking which nobody can change, even God can’t change it, and that effects a lot, including me. My parents think that if I am seen roaming here and there enjoying with my guy friends then it’s a shame to the society. I am everyday warned not to be seen around with boys here and there around my house because they feel like it’s a crime for which they have to suffer. It’s a lie. I don’t understand in what kind of world am I living in. I don’t care about what people think but I do care about what my parents think. It’s an everyday issue for a girl like me living here. Why do parents have to think about the whole world and what they think but not about their own daughter and her happiness. I wish that parents could change their thinking and that’s when the world changes there. I hope my people relate with my issue and agree with my opinion. Thank you.

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