My father has been arrested for two years | Turkey

Audio recording by Betul

My name is Betul and I live in Istanbul in where a cosmopolitan, magical and complicated city. I am a junior in high school. Nowadays, Living in Istanbul is hard and insecure because of that it is easy to politicize people in Turkey so violation is increasing day by day. Every day you can face with  different kinds of violation because of your gender or your ideas. If you are a girl, people can make you feel worthless and If your ideas are against general opinions, you can be charged with treason.

The political atmosphere makes  the city dangerous for everyone. People are unhappy and depressed. The political events in the country affected us negatively. My father has been arrested for two years despite he is innocent.  Our life conditions aggravated by the government because of my father’s crime. People think that if he is in prison, he must be criminal. It is easy to blame people without any proof and that s what they did. All of these hurt  me and I started to study political science. I want to learn more about society’s dynamics and authority.

 Last year, A bomb exploded next to my school by terrorist groups and by chance, I escaped. 

Nevertheless, I believe in  that all chaos will finish one day. I hope to be a judge and work for my country and also world peace because I realized that justice is the most important value in the world.

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