Lots of people in the US get upset about immigrants, but not me, and that’s not fair. | Germany/U.S.

Audio recording by Tony

I think it’s really unfair that light-skinned immigrants in the US never get hate for being an immigrant, but immigrants with darker skin are always told to ‘go back to their country.’ Even if an African-American was born here, people still associate them with being immigrants, and tell them things like, “go back to Africa with the rest of your people.” This also happens to Native Americans, in which a white person would tell them to “go back to your own country.” The thing is, Native Americans are native to North America, and aren’t immigrants at all. They’re already in their own country. What’s ironic is that that xenophobe is probably white, and most likely originated in Europe, so they would be the “immigrant” in this situation. This whole deal of segregation between people is really sad, and I don’t even understand why someone would be so riled up about someone else’s skin color. Sure, black people are stereotyped to partake in many of the crimes in the U.S, but is it really their fault if they do? Their history in the US is of being enslaved, segregated, and looked down upon. Racism against them is built into the system and keeps them from climbing the social ladder. What else would you do if you were always denied a proper house or job? Other people of color, Latinos for example, came here from Mexico or somewhere in South America, probably searching for a better life, not to be told by European immigrants to go back to a place that they fled from. My parents came here with me from Europe, and we never experience the kind of things immigrants of color do. Lots of people in the US get upset about immigrants, but not me, and that’s not fair.

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