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Even since I was a little boy, I never particularly liked the idea of taking risks. I was always the kid who never wanted to try anything new because I was always too afraid that something unpleasant would occur during the experience. However, as I have gotten older, I’ve realized the importance of taking risks, and why it shouldn’t be feared.

If you didn’t know, I am a competitive chess player. Yes, out of all the sports in the worlds, I chose to play chess. Anyways, chess is one of those sports that usually takes a while to finish, and when you’re in the tournament hall playing for five hours, you can get bored very easily. This boredom usually doesn’t affect many players, but sadly, I am one of the few that it does affect. Most of the time, if my opponent has spent more than twenty seconds to think about their move, I will already be out of my chair and watching other matches. This low level of patience, combined with my lack of risk taking has led to less wins, and more draws. There have been many times now where the position I had obtained was playable and sometimes even better for me, but I still decided to take the draw, simply because I wasn’t willing to take the risk of losing. Because of the lack of winning, I began to push myself to take less draws and play longer. This approach not only has given me more success in tournaments, but it has also given me more enjoyment from playing chess.

Now looking back at my experiences before I started to take risks and comparing that with the experiences that I’ve had while taking risks, it becomes clear which mindset is better. With the risky mindset, there are positives that can be recognized even if the risk doesn’t work. If the risk doesn’t work out how you wanted it to, you can think about what went wrong, and from there, you can prevent the same mistake from happening again. However, the biggest lesson that I’ve learned is that you can never achieve success without taking a couple of risks.

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