I think an important segment of my life is when I decided to get off the illicit substances and out of peer pressure | South Africa

Audio recording by Sihle

I think an important segment of my life, would be when I decided to get off the illicit substances and out of peer pressure.

So the story goes like this. I was at the lowest point of my life, I literally felt that there was no purpose for me at this point and I resorted to the wrong crowd. I was glad that I was finally accepted by people but I was accepted because I was naive. They realized that I wanted to so badly be accepted and in turn knew that I would bend to their every will. I began with a small sip of alcohol and a small dose of whatever drug was circulating at the party. A bigger and bigger crave for those moments grew and I essentially became addicted without even knowing. I became very aggressive and my life was changed to the point of non-recognition. I could look in the mirror and not even recognize who I started out as. I realized I had to change, I had to change friends and I had to change attitudes. I worked on letting go of that temporary happiness that drugs gave me and rather finding joy in something more fulfilling such as relationships. The anger I worked on letting go by physically placing myself in areas where I could very easily become aggressive but I had to control myself. I also found the sport of rugby as an effective outlet for my anger but only to relieve the build up of anger. I eventually became a peaceful individual who practically hates fights and in my opinion I never had to go down that road, I chose to but in essence I feel had I not gone down there I wouldn’t have become who I am today

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