I hope to become a bridge between countries | U.S.

Audio recording by Hyerin

Hi! I’m Hyerin, a high school sophomore in Irvine, California. 

I think I have a pretty interesting life story. From when I was five, I wore glasses and was not quite accepted by my classmates. However, as I grew up, I found out that I possessed a unique musical ability. My hearing was developed from eight years of playing the violin, so I was able to memorize pieces faster. This ability helped me to more creatively express myself in my music, and I had a solo performance in Carnegie hall in 2017. I still cannot forget the moment I stood on the grand stage with my violin. I think another pretty special aspect about me is that I speak can four languages. I am fluent in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. I particularly enjoy watching Japanese animation and listening to Chinese instrumental music. I am passionate about writing inspirational speeches in different languages and communicating with people from many backgrounds. I hope to become a bridge between these countries with my linguistic abilities. 

I’m glad to meet you today by voice!

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