I come from the one and only New York | U.S.

Audio recording by Katrina

​Hi! My name is Katrina Golubchik from 9th grade,  I come from the one and only New York City and this is my story. 

It all started when I was just a little girl, and my parents sent me to my first preschool! I would never fit in with any of the crowds so i kind of just stayed on my own and lived my life the way it went. When I got into my first kindergarten I finally realized that I was different from the other kids my age. I would think about things such as what I meant in the world while other kids my age thought about how to win a fishie-fishie cross my ocean game! Anyways, I basically lived my life the way it went with my two parents and my older brother. As I got older I established my values and priorities in life. I learned how to express my feelings in an artistic fashion which was singing. This coping mechanism helped me through a lot especially from ages 9-12. When I was 9 years old, my dad left on a business trip to Russia, which is where my parents originally come from. Through these three years, I hadn’t seen my dad which created some insecurity in me. I questioned what I was doing in the world and even if I should be part of it… rough times. Along the years, with the absence of my dad, my mom and I created a really strong relationship… we told each other everything and were basically each others support throughout that time. When my dad finally back, I was so excited to build a relationship with him just like the one my mom and I had so on and so on. In the end of it we got it! My parents take a fundamental part of my heart but some parts also belong to my big brother. Growing up, we had our differences just like all siblings do, but we also had a huge age difference. When my brother went off to college and developed his own life, it kind of made me feel as if I was growing up as an only child. Whatever, eventually I got over it and continued living my life and going with the flow. Now, I go to a bilingual school and encounter myself with very challenging obstacles but my family helps me get through them and I am so thankful for what they provide and what opportunities I get. And that is pretty much my life and upbringing, I’m just simple girl living in New York and trying to accomplish my dreams! I hope you enjoyed my life story!  

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