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Audio recording by Charles

Sweden, as we all know, is a high welfare and high technology country. But me as a real Swedish guy can tell you that Sweden is now facing some really serious problem.

One of the most serious problem is that Sweden has met a quite severe economic crisis. In Sweden, the richer you are, the more tax you need to pay, and those money from the tax mostly go to the poor in the form of welfare. However, since the coming of refugees, the balance between money get from taxes and the money send out for welfare has been broken. In order to keep the balance, the government increases the taxes and decreases the funding used on public construction. As a result, the middle class in Sweden has a heavier economic pressure, and communal facilities are increasingly shut down. For example, in borås where I lived, which is a small town near göteborg, the post offices are all closed. So if I want to send a letter, I need to go to göteborg. Furthermore, my friend told me that more and more Swedish are unhappy about the receiving of refugees because they affect the local’s life. Although in the geography class I heard that the refugee’s affection has went down over time, including the high crime rate and the low employment rate, Sweden is still in a dangerous situation.

The goal of this passage is just to tell you the real things happen in Sweden, because I found there are many misunderstanding of Sweden. One time I saw a news on a Chinese news app which said “Sweden is too rich that the money they have can keep people survive for three years without any working” which really scared me. So I hope people can know more about Sweden by some real Swedish’s words instead of those terrible news.

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