He said he was sorry to us but the apology was worthless | U.S.

Audio recording by Tracey

Well, my name is Tracey McLaine-Scott and my life is kinda cool. I live with my mom, my brother and my sister. We are single family, my mom and my dad got divorced 5 years ago. It’s been pretty raw, very frustrating ever since. Not as much as you think it is, but things been conflicting between my dad’s side of the family and us ever since my mom divorced. They both got divorced because my dad choked my mom on bed so… I don’t know, that wasn’t exciting. The cops came in and broke down the bedroom door and my dad was arrested. Me, my brother and my sister were all freaking out like monkeys in the living room with the cops crying till later on my uncle and my aunt came to comfort my mom. We wanted to comfort our mom, but Uncle Paul and Aunt Mary told us to go to sleep and we’ll talk about it tomorrow. So after a couple of days we saw dad, but we didn’t feel the same way we did before he choked mom. He said he was sorry to us but the apology was worthless to us.

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