Grace was my starting line at every new chapter of my life | U.S.

Audio recording by Angela

Hello. My name is Angela Cantiga, a senior high student in the Philippines. Grace was my starting line at every new chapter of my life. By God’s grace, I was able to reach the end and start a new beginning. Everyday lives revolve around infinite choices. But what truly matters is that you’ll be able to live your purpose through the decisions you’ll be making.

Back in elementary, I was very shy. I really didn’t know my purpose then. I’d let other people drag me along and dictate my actions. But one day, I had that desire to attend a private school. My parents are only vendors so they didn’t have the luxury to pay for the fees. I tried to reach for the top to get a scholarship that covered all school expenses. So, the incompetent me strived to do my best despite knowing thatI’ve never experienced being a top student before. It was tough and very challenging. One night, I prayed to God out of desperation and lack of self-confidence. It’s my first time doing it on such a personal level. That when God made a promise with me – that He’ll show me greater things as long as I trust in Him. It was a long process but it’s all worth it in the end.

I was able to become Valedictorian and attend a school where I finally met the God who made all these things possible.

Whenever we try to look at ourselves, we would only see the flaws and imperfections that make ourselves feel unworthy. But God’s purpose will always be bigger than what we’ve done. Jeremiah 29:11says that God has a great plan for our lives. Focus on the purpose that God has given you and let His calling motivates you.

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