Every teenager thinks their life is small | U.S.

Audio recording by Kashanti

Every teenager thinks their life is small. Every teenager thinks their contribution is an insignificant one. Every teenager thinks they should be doing more. I think the pressure is much worse when you live in a bubble-like New York City, even though I could be wrong. When you live here you’re supposed to be big, you’re supposed to make a big contribution, you’re supposed to be doing more. I think what’s more important is what happens when you aren’t prepared for more–– Because you’re only a teenager for so long, really.

I keep hearing about this common experience where you’re used to being gifted. As a kid, it’s really easy to do well if it’s natural to you. And then everyone around you is telling you that it’s fate, that you’re born to succeed. You’re the one with all the pressure to not repeat all of your parents’ mistakes, even if those mistakes are all you know.

Then you blink and now you’re at the cusp of adulthood. Scary right? You’re supposed to be an overachiever, but now you’re average at best, at least it feels that way. Then there are people your age doing big things, huge things. And now you’re thinking ‘why can’t that be me?’ ‘what am i doing wrong?’ Turns out, doing well doesn’t come so natural when you need it.

You wanna leave the bubble, but there are people in it that need you. Leave it. Do whatever you want. Succeed. Rinse. Repeat.

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