Project urVoice

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What is this all about?

It all started off simple — we thought that teenagers need a platform for them to express their opinions not just to their parents or peers, but to all people. We also decided that the name of this project should be simple — but ‘your voice’ is simply not cool, so here we are, project urVoice. What? you want the long version? Thankfully we prepared that for you as well, check out our About page.

How can I recieve updates on this project?

Our project is a Wechat-based project  — if you use Wechat, simply follow our official account by scanning the QR code to the right. But also feel free NOT to use Wechat, since this app is only popular in China and is in fact, not a very good app. So here’s the alternative solution: you can subscribe via email to the right. Stay connected!

May I join?

Yes of course! As a newborn project it’s our pleasure to have you. if you have any suggestions or you think you could help on certain stuff, tell us by sending to!

How do I contribute?

Project urVoice serves as a platform for teenagers like us to share opinions, so if you have your story and/or opinion to share please do not hesitate! read our Contributions page for details and send your contribution to,.