I know contributing sounds difficult. You might think you need a perfectly constructed argument, you need to be a specialist in your field, or you need to write it formally. But that’s not the case for our project — all we want is that you need to contribute what’s YOURS (that’s because everyone is so unique, and we don’t want you to look the same with others!). It could be your life, your opinions or any other thing you’d like to share and the length should be preferably 150-300 words so everyone can read it during their snack time. Since we are a project of high schoolers, by high schoolers and… well, for everyone, we also don’t need it to be formal — while writing your passage, just imagine yourself talking to your peers.

After writing this, please record yourself reading this (and that’s because hearing someone talk to you feels much much better than reading his words), and attach a bit more information so we can know you better (as mentioned in the document below). Finally, send all those to our editor’s email, and you’re all done! Wait for our updates, wait for it being sent out, and wait for yourself getting paid (yes, every speaker is paid 15 USD after their contribution is sent)!

If you wish to contribute, read the full document here.