A system that gives you infinite possibilities | China/U.S.

Audio recording by Yilan

Hi, I’m Yilan Wang, a sophomore in high school. I was born in China and came to America for high school. Before I came to America, some of my friends asked me, “why did you choose the high school in America?”  I thought a while, but I couldn’t find an exact answer. After I have studied in America for two years, I have a better understanding of America’s education system. First, I noticed that American schools focus on students’ independence other than Chinese school. American schools want their students to become an independent individual through their education. For example, in America, the purpose of doing homework such as research project is not only to find an answer, but also to gain ability to identify, research, analyze and draw a conclusion. On the other hand, the Chinese students focus on what is correct rather than the process. The homework for Chinese student is to memorize the word on book, to practice repeatedly, as a result there will not be many chances to develop student’s mind. Second, In China, during your high school years, you should decide your occupation in the future, because when you study in university, you have no chance to make any change; but in America, even in the university, you can change your major, you can try others. If you haven’t decided what you want to do in your high school years, if you are just interest of several things and you don’t know which one fits you best, the America way is more suitable for you. This educational way can give your more chances to realize your dream, to find the things you are really interested in. Your life will have unlimited possibilities!

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