“A border wall isn’t going to keep the bad things out. They’re inside already” | U.S.

Audio recording by Paige

​I think we can all agree that racism is a bad thing. From Jim Crow in the US to apartheid in South Africa, it’s been seen, it’s been done, and it’s been conquered. Or so they say.

If we’re all told from the start that “racism is bad,” how is it still happening? How are people letting it happen. I think about that while I watch the news. I watch the President of this country telling its citizens that if you wear a hijab, you’re not a person; if you come from Mexico, you’re not a person; if you weren’t born here, you’re not a person. You’d think that with all the conditioning we get from childhood telling us not to accept sentiment like this, we’d be less susceptible to it.

But people like to be told they’re better than others. If you hear that all people with dark skin are somehow ‘less human’ than you, well, that’s kind of a compliment to you, isn’t it? No harm in believing that, surely…

And that is what perpetuates the cycle. One person believes they’re better than everyone else, and they convince their friends that they’re part of that elite group, and that’s an especially hideous thing when that one person has so much power that they can reach the TVs, papers, radios of most of the country.

A border wall isn’t going to keep the bad things out. They’re inside already, and not just because California used to be Mexican territory. The bad exists within the people thinking that what makes someone lesser is the color of their skin or the place of birth instead of the prejudice in their hearts.

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