A Bolt from the Blue | China/Canada

Audio recording by Peter

The end of life is death. It is the ending of everyone, but the person is someone you have loved it is painful because you loved them and had memories about them. 

The year 2016 June 19th, I woke up from my father’s call. It was surprising and depressing. It is something that I never imagined before. My grandfather the healthiest person in my family who follows everything that the doctor says. Now, he is dying. It is such a strike to me; I suddenly feel lost and didn’t know what to do. My mother and I left our house and head straight to Vancouver Airport. 

After, 12 hours of flying and 3 hours of train and it is already the 20th, we arrived in my hometown, Harbin.  The city isn’t big, but it has all my childhood. My father drove us straight to the hospital. It was my first time that I felt the hospital was so dark and scary. By walking down the white hallway, I felt insecure and cold. I saw the rest of my family is around my grandfather’s room. Everyone was with a solemn face. My uncle walked out of the room with my aunt and my cousins crying. Soon, my father takes my mother and I walked into the room. 

My grandfather said to my dad “Sorry, that I couldn’t support you on your business. Please know I am always proud of you.” Then my grandfather turned toward my mother and said “Thank you, for taking care of my son. I know these years he was concentrating on the job and couldn’t have time to spend with the family, but I believe one day he will have time.” 

Didn’t know since when there are tears that are coming out from my mother’s eye and I can see my father is holding my grandfather hand tight. I can clearly see through my father’s glasses that his eyes are red. Both my parents are looking at my grandfather with respect. 

“Now,” my grandfather said to me “You are the youngest child in our family, and I worried about you the most. I never wanted you to go to Canada because you are too young to leave your family even though your uncle can take care of you, but I am still worried. Also, if you don’t like being in Canada anymore you can always come back.”  My grandfather’s eye is watery, I can hear his voice is changing, he sneezed his nose then continued. “Also, don’t forget to be dutiful to your parents, they worked hard for you.” My father called all my family into the small hospital room. Then my father takes out a letter that is written by my grandfather about how thankful he is to be with us. I couldn’t really understand but I believe one day I will. 

2016, June 20th 6: 32 p.m, my grandfather left us. It was the first time that I experienced someone left you. At first, I didn’t feel so upset, mostly I felt is that he won’t be around anymore. However, during the summer I realized I missed my grandfather a lot when we go fishing, I can always remember the time that he was holding my hand and step by step teaching how to fish and where to fish. I wish that I could spend more time with him when I was younger.

After all, I realize when people are gone, they are gone, then I try to spend more time with my family, so I don’t regret it.

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