Two months later I got into a head-on collision with a truck | U.S.

Audio recording by Cheyenne

Hello, my name is Cheyenne.

My story has a lot of winding roads, but I still get to where I need to go. It all started on October,3rd,1998 in Allentown Pennsylvania. My birth wasn’t exactly what you call “smooth” or “intentional”  because when my mom found out she was pregnant, the doctor told her she was having a boy. Yup, she was shocked when I came out with female parts I could only imagine the doctors face when we saw I was a girl. So everyone was upset and at disbelief but was grateful that I was alive. after the whole dramatized birth there was still one big problem ‘i didn’t have a name.’ So I was nameless for three days but then my grandma at the time ( ill talk about that later) called and said why don’t you name her “Cheyenne Marie Burnes.”  my mom fell in love with that name, so it stayed. Two months later I got into a head-on collision with a truck which bruised my spinal cord and left me paralyzed for life or until God says otherwise. So I grew up in a wheelchair which wasn’t depressing at all I didn’t see myself any different until I went into middle school because until then I was in special needs classes where everyone was like me. So that’s my story I’m paralyzed and happy. 

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