There is no gender line in football | China

Audio recording by Jenny

Hello,my name is Jenny Fang.I’m a 14 year old girl from Beijing, China.I think I’m quite odd though,as I’m not really interested in things that most girls do.

What I enjoy the most is football.It’s literally the coolest sport that ever existed!Some say that it’s freaky for a girl to turn on the TV at three o’clock in the morning for football matches,but actually this is my normal state.

In China, the environment of football is somehow skewed towards men, and I think the main reason is that the atmosphere is considered too rough for women.Yet there is no gender line in football.

If you ask me what I gain from football,I would say my own personality, friendship and enthusiasm towards life.I came into a larger universe, where people yell together,laugh together and fight together.And the most fascinating part is that football has no nation boundaries or gender restrictions.You can participate as long as you like it.

By the way,my home team is Arsenal. If you are a Gooner too or if you just enjoy football as I do,just let me know.

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