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Being a urVoice Speaker 成为讲者

Basically, our project “urVoice” is a program that invites teenagers around the world to share their life with others. To participate in “urVoice”, you only need to do the following:

  1. Write a brief passage, around 200 words, about your life, your unique experiences and your opinions etc. in English. It does not have to be of certain style but it’s best if it’s a casual one – imagine the tone you use talking to your friends.
  2. Record yourself reading the passage and prepare a few other things as mentioned below.
  3. Send the audio and the passage to our email address together with your information.

After sending it, we will take care of the rest – audio editing, formatting, translating, and putting it into the pool waiting to be sent out on the Wechat official account and the website ( Please note that sending the message does not mean the end of our cooperation – if you’d like to, we would constantly send the best of readers’ questions back to you and you may answer them. Although it is not mandatory, we strongly recommend that you answer them.

Details, please download All About Being a urVoice Speaker.

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